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Little Mountain Publishing is a small artisinal publishing house dedicated to producing rich and satisfying fiction multi-media experiences.

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Haylee and the Traveler's Stone

Toby BearToby Bear and the Healing Light

by Lisa Redfern

A Parnormal, Time Travel, Thriller

A young girl on a rural California farm discovers that she's much more than an ordinary female about to come of age.
by Lisa Boulton

Empowering childrens book that teaches skills to help children cope with stressful (and scary) situations.


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Wednesday, September 13th, 4:30 p.m. - An explosion on the Rutland & Burlington Railroad in Cavendish, Vermont, sends an iron rod through the skull of twenty-five-year-old construction foreman, Phineas Gage. Hurled to the ground, Phineas convulses, but remains conscious. He says that he doesn’t feel pain.
One of the ‘great’ medical curiosities of all time.
Phineas’s accident may have been the first to connect cognitive and personality sciences.
In Phases of Gage: After the Accident Years, a picture of the Gage family is illustrated; how they experienced Phineas’s treatment, emigrating with him out west, and being reunited with him after a lengthy absence.
Phineas himself, his younger sister Phoebe and Phoebe’s husband David, tell the story of the triumphs and challenges of life after a traumatic injury.
The premise of this novella is fiction; however, it is based on known facts (at the time of writing).


Haylee and the Last Traveler

Fall 2017

Haylee returns to the 1980s to discover that her lifespan is abbreviated. As a new mother she must choose between raising her child and reviving her remaining victims.
Josh helps gather data and look for answers. Another Traveler from the future arrives to meet them.


Dragonology: Biology, Cultural Symbology & Inspiration of the Dragonfly

Guest book entries from the popular and well-loved Dragonfly House B&B in Santa Cruz, California provide underlying framework for the symbology, sentiments, artwork and contemplations contained in this colorful book.



Set in the 1990s and 1860s, Morton Stanley shares his experiences during his career driving a 200 ton locomotive engine through towns along Southern Pacific’s Rail Road. Simultaneously, Gee Lee, a Chinese immigrant during the 1860’s, conveys his own experiences fleeing from the Opium Wars to laying the very tracks that Morton drives over. The story reaches its conclusion when the men's two lives converge at a particular railroad crossing.

Society Wife

Society Wife

Set in San Francisco at the turn of the century, Mrs. S. A. Wellton accepts a position as governess to six half-orphaned children after the tragic death of their mother. It features vignettes of working class women and issues related to childbirth, fertility and economic survival.



















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