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Little Mountain Publishing is a small artisinal publishing house dedicated to producing rich and satisfying multi-media experiences.

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Phases of Gage:
After the Accident Years

Haylee and the Traveler's Stone

by Lisa Redfern

Historical Fiction

At twenty-five, Phineas’s life changes the instant an iron rod shoots through his head.

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by Lisa Redfern

Parnormal, Time Travel, Thriller

A young girl on a rural California farm discovers that she's turning into something frightening. She becomes a threat to everyone she loves.

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Toby Bear and the Healing Light

Toby Bear


by Lisa Boulton

Healing & Empowerment for Children

Empowering childrens book that teaches skills to help children cope with stressful (and scary) situations.

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Titles in Production

Haylee and the Last Traveler

Fall / Winter 2017

Returning to the 1980's after a time jump, Haylee tries re-adjusting to a life that is 'back-to-normal.' But things aren't how she left them; she's about to become a new mother and she's missing the baby's father who stayed in 1850.
Haylee is fretting about, Josh, the man she almost fell in love with, here. After an unthinking attack, she left him decaying in a hospital bed. She thinks she might be able to help him-- if she can get close enough.

Beta Read the book on Wattpad.

This book follows Haylee and the Traveler's Stone [Available on Amazon - buy the book], but it can stand alone.

The Dragonfly: Facts, Life Cycle & Fantasy

Guest book entries from the popular and well-loved Dragonfly House B&B in Santa Cruz, California provide underlying framework for the symbology, sentiments, artwork and contemplations contained in this colorful book.



Set in the 1990s and 1860s, Morton Stanley shares his experiences during his career driving a 200 ton locomotive engine through towns along Southern Pacific’s Rail Road. Simultaneously, Gee Lee, a Chinese immigrant during the 1860’s, conveys his own experiences fleeing from the Opium Wars to laying the very tracks that Morton drives over. The story reaches its conclusion when the men's two lives converge at a particular railroad crossing.























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