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Animal Consciousness

The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness - 2012
Cognitive neuroscientists, neuropharmacologists, neurophysiologists, neuroanatomists and computational neuroscientists gathered at The University of Cambridge to reassess the neurobiological substrates of conscious experience and related behaviors in human and non-human animals. - PDF

Brain Injury Recouperation

Article - Recovery from Comma is a Reality for Many Patients by Liz Townzend
Article - No Time to Look Back (Brian Cressler story) by Deborah L. Shelton

Video - Mark Newton Recovery from Coma - BBC

Video - That's Incredible Coma Recovery - by Roger La Boarde

Video - Watsu & Liquid Flow Basic

How Pet Psychics Work - Stuff You Should Know Podcast


A Kinship with All Life, J. Allen Boone
book that started the animal psychic movement