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Haylee and the Traveler's Stone

an illustrated, paranormal, adventure

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Can you stop being lonely when your touch destroys everyone you love?

Haylee is turning into something...but what?

Haylee had always been able to talk to animals, but it wasn’t until she was a freshman in high school that she realized something was very wrong. While all the other girls were turning into women, Haylee still looked like she was ten. Living with an oblivious father made that fact easy to hide. But at eighteen Haylee suddenly and dramatically transforms into a curvaceous beauty. What seems like a dream come true exacts a cost—an uncontrollable impulse to steal the minds of people around her, taking their thoughts and memories.

As Haylee’s condition intensifies, everyone she loves is threatened. To end the violence and reverse the damage she’s caused, Haylee embarks on an adventure of discovery. The truth seems to have died with her mother. But the pendant she gave Haylee may have answers. It has started to heat up and there’s an old trunk it the attic that’s never been explored.

Others like Haylee have come before. Scattered through history, they were soothsayers, oracles, and healers. A select few are Travelers—ones who journey through time. Haylee’s search for answers leads her to 1849 where, amidst the California Gold Rush, the last Traveler waits for her.


Haylee Awakened Seed
Haylee Awakened Seed
- 1 of 3 in e-book trilogy | Buy on Amazon

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An ancient pattern begins anew…

Generations of oracles, seers, soothsayers and healers pass a relic of their lineage from hand-to-hand. They protect and prepare one another for the eventual blooming of a terrible  secret.

Haylee Garrett, a California teen growing up in the ‘70’s, is an expert at coping with things on her own.

Before her mother died, her dad had been a loving and affectionate father. Now, he works all the time and barely speaks.

Haylee thinks that her paranormal ability to communicate with animals is perfectly ordinary.

On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, a horrific development changes everything.

Reveling in a new sense of power and adventure, Haylee intuitively understands that this must be kept private.

When Haylee’s condition begins to cause an urgent drive to steal what should never be stolen, Haylee grows increasingly afraid of what she is capable of doing—and to whom.

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Need to Feed
Haylee Need to Feed - 2 of 3 in e-book trilogy | Buy on Amazon

Haylee’s teen fantasy has come true  -  to be on a formal date with Curtis - the boy she’s had a crush on for years.

Before the night was over, Haylee  escorted a very different Curtis back to his house.  He has lost the ability to participate in a coherent conversation and can not dress himself without help.

It remains a mystery what she did to him…

As a new adult, Haylee moves away from home to begin her college life. She struggles to maintain plans to become a veterinarian.

The uncontrollable drive to do the unthinkable has increased in frequency and intensity.

Josh, a graduate student TA, has become infatuated with the dark-haired, intelligent freshman.

Her evasiveness and resistance to his advances only fires his natural curiosity.

The two of them come face-to-face with Haylee’s awful truth.   

The Traveler Haylee the Traveler - 3 of 3 e-book in trilogy | Buy on Amazon


Haylee has been transported to San Francisco in 1848 during the California Gold Rush.

Why? Only the crystal knows…

Men carousing, shooting and their all-around wildness make the place  feel like a gathering of wild dogs let loose to snarl and fight in scary games. Haylee disguises herself as a man so that she can move freely in the harsh environment.

Emis Laurent is a Traveler too. She is living the bawdy life of an entertainer at a brothel in the heart of Portsmouth Square. She has no intention of following the predestined course of their ancestors.

Edward Keener, a gregarious and outgoing shop keeper brings Haylee into his business and his home.  She introduces herself  as, ‘Hal.’

Reece, Edward’s older brother, cannot understand or control his strong attraction for their young shop assistant.

It is not long before Haylee must go farther down her dark path in order to have any hope at all for a future.

Reece is forced make a series of life-altering decisions that will impact those closest to him…as well as many people he will never know.

Haylee Murch

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