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Haylee and the Traveler's Stone
Endorsements & Reviews

"Very imaginative and unlike anything I’ve read. You can’t help but turn to the next chapter to find out what’s going to happen. Lisa Redfern's knows her YA audience and knows how to grab the reader. The pages fly by as we discover more about Haylee and her unique transformation. This quick and fun read will keep you engaged until the last page."

"A quick and intense read. A coming of age story with a twist. Haylee's journey was delivered to readers in a fluid, attention grabbing manner. Redfern writes in a way that allowed me to feel exactly what Haylee was feeling.

Coming of age is difficult at times for all and for Haylee I imagine it was tenfold. I cheered for Haylee as this story drew me in. I am eagerly looking forward to reading the next book in this series. I was given a later book in the series to read and honestly review however I opted to read the series in order...and I am glad I did. As a lover of a good series I can say I am honestly anticipating reading Redferns next book in this one. Written in a manner that brought the details vividly alive in my mind.
Thank you and great job Lisa Redfern. "

"I began to read it but I didn't feel an urge to finish it. I wanted to take my time, make it last. And it was a very enjoyable read. I must say that I think Haylee is (in my humble opinion) one of those characters that you either hate or love but other than that I would recommend this book to any lover of the paranormal genre."
- Debora Sebelin, Argentina

"A very imaginative, page-turning ride."

"Lisa Redfern is a fresh new voice in the paranormal genre and her passion for this style of surrealistic storytelling is well evidenced in the first book of her "Haylee" series. Even this early in her career, Redfern has clearly embraced the importance of making the physical environment as vibrant and compelling as any of the flesh and blood characters that people it. With each turn of the page, you can smell the food, feel the change in temperature, hear the murmurings of disembodied souls, and experience the gritty and graphic conundrum of a female protagonist dealing with unbidden, inherited powers over which she sometimes has no control. Haylee's loneliness and insularity as a child and then a teen are instantly relatable, for who among us has not felt like an outsider, endured the sting and humiliation of rejection by classmates, and been unable to communicate wants and needs to those with whom we share the closest bond? Even Haylee's mystic affinity for animals isn't enough to quell the escalating torment of allowing her ravenous appetite to get the best of her. The imagery of Haylee's perversely promiscuous behaviors are enough to elicit shudders, and there are more than enough times when we are challenged to feel empathy for this demon femme with deeply buried secrets. Nicely done!"
- Christina Hamlett, is a Screenplay Consultant, Media Relations Expert and Award-Winning Author whose credits to date include 31 books and156 plays. She is also the leading force behind the popular You Read It Here First blog. Christina's titles include; The Spellbox, The Enchanter and Office for One: The Sole Proprietor's Survival Guide.(

Becky Noto
I really enjoyed this book. It is an easy read that I found hard to put down. Without giving the plot away, this book has so many twists and turns that I was surprised on more than one occasion. Part "slice of life", sci-fi and fantasy this book has something for everyone. I can't wait for the next book in this series to come out.

"Good pacing and a unique voice combined with a good storyline. Much more than a saga of a teenage girl, her mysterious journey keeps you turning pages." - Todd Frantz, Publishing Advertising and Sales Director

Lisa Redfern’s first novel in the Hayley series is chock full of descriptive narrative that leads the reader into the life of a young girl whose experience of “otherness” is remarkable, but also relatable. Need To Feed is the second installment. Now, Haylee must find out what she is, and how to deal with the frightening new abilities, and needs, she’s discovered.

I'm completely blown away by your talent!  I'm now a fan. :-)
- Debbie McClure, Author of In the Spirit of Love &
In the Spirit of Forgiveness

"What a fun story! Very original and interesting. Lots of likeable characters, too. I'm kind of sad to see this one end - I've really enjoyed editing it! When will the sequel be done?! I love the art pieces!"
- Erica Ellis, Professional Book Editor,

 P.J. WetzelI love your writing style--crisp, diverse, excellent sense of pace and detail.  The steady drumbeat of the story keeps my attention riveted, and the fine writing style only enhanced the pleasure. P.J. Wetzel, retired NASA PhD Earth Scientist, Author of Return of Naja

Bob Boardman"WOW! [Haylee and the Traveler's Stone] is a beautiful book! The world you create is believable almost immediately; I never had a problem thinking that this stuff could really happen. And your characters are easy people to know." - Bob Boardman, Copyeditor, Proofreader & Ghost Writer

"The teen character Haylee captures the readers heart with her struggle through adolescence and loss of her mother. Her confusion over her physical changes collaborate with the development of the vampire theme. The character development and description of settings and action are structured to show the deterioration and rebuilding of Haylees character. The characters are believable and the unfolding action delights the reader making the book hard to put down. After reading part 1 you will be anxious to follow the rest of Haylees adventures. Whether you are a fan of science fiction or not the characters and fast moving plot development make for a fun read." - Terry Juhl, Retired Educator and Fine Art Encaustic Artist

"Haylee Awakened Seed is an unusual story full of twists and turns as we follow a young girl into womanhood only to find she is far more than any ordinary mortal woman. It’s an adventure into the paranormal that you won’t want to read alone on a stormy night. Share it with your friends as it is a fun read with believable characters whose story will capture your imagination."
- Lisa Boulton, Author of Toby Bear and the Healing Light

"From the very beginning, I am drawn into the mystery and magic that both empowers and threatens this very endearing heroine. I found myself both cringing and cheering for Haylee through all the twists and turns along her path. A truly fun, exciting and rewarding read!" - Kevin Melton

“Haylee is about a girl who is undergoing … odd transformations in young adulthood.These changes are frightening and cause [her] to question who / what she is.” - Ashley Votaw, Nevada City Organic Farmer & Herbalist

"Haylee is a fantasy adventure coming of age story with a touch of romance about a girl with unexpected power trying to find her place in the world.” After reading Need to Feed "Ohmygoshwhatisshegoingtodo?!?!?! What happens next!? " - Megan Greene, Megan Greene Design

“Haylee [is] a complicated character. She pulled [at] me to keep turning pages to see if there would be redemption.” - Kamara Garcia, dōTERRA, Wellness Advocate

"Haylee will draw you in. It's a story about transitioning into adulthood in the 80's, but for Haylee it comes with a very unique set of problems. The illustrations are a nice surprise and a nice addition to the story." - Peggy Greene, Retired Business & Sales Executive