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Haylee and the Last Traveler
Advance Reader Comments

P.J. Wetzel"I love your writing style--crisp, diverse, excellent sense of pace and detail.  The steady drumbeat of the story keeps my attention riveted, and the fine writing style only enhanced the pleasure." P.J. Wetzel, retired NASA PhD Earth Scientist, Author of Return of Naja: Eden's Womb


“Characters are very distinct. Each revelation and the ensuing reaction are nuggets of gold. You do have a storytelling gift.” – Georgia VanDruff,  author of Escape Clause & Escape Route


“I LOVE this story. Very well written.” – Charlene Raddon,  author of Forever Mine  


" Got sucked straight into the storyline… it's a riveting read." - Tremaine du Preez, author of Raising Thinkers


"You made me cry… splendid... awesome... inspirational. Awed your own character. I loved all of it. Wow." - Carole Troup

"Really intresting story. Different. The charecters and storyline are done very well. The story does help one escape their own reality." - Jessica Minor

"It was really a great story. I liked how it all just appeared and came together. I liked the ending too." - Elizabeth A. Rochel

"It reads very smoothly and organically, the events and dialogue flowing in a natural, spontaneous manner. Very vivid, I like it!  A good, urgent pace. A compelling read."
- Ryan Dowes

"Good book. Engrossing. Haylee is one of my favorite female heroines." - Robert Helliger

"I like the way this started. A heartwarming united family gathering around a meal, to riveting, with the sounds of the explosion, then it went to tragic with the break up of a family. After that, the reader was left with awe and wonder of where Haylee ended up." - T.Soto